COL-Colors of Humanity

The project “Colors of Humanity” (COL) is an international action to be implemented by a consortium of organizations on four countries: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria and Kosova. AMAD has the leading role/coordinator in this consortium. The project is co-financed by EU under the Erasmus+ Programme: Capacity Building in the field of Youth.

COL promotes EU values gender equality and counter discrimination through using non-formal education and youth work to create social mechanisms that involve different stakeholders.

The activities of COL will be focused on:

  • Empowering youth workers competencies in promoting EU values of non-discrimination, tolerance, inclusive societies
  • Support and raise the advocacy capacities
  • Increase the involvement of several stakeholders on gender antidiscrimination and awareness activities
  • Raising awareness and advocacy countering hate speech

This project will be implemented for period of 2 years, beginning on 1st of January 2023 and ending on 31 of December 2024.

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