Increasing youth capacities in soft skills and digital skills

This project responds both to the need of young people in finding themselves approaching the labour market, and the need to improve the capacities of youth workers, who must be professionally prepared in the treatment of young people, career counselling and assisting their need in developing digital skills and soft skills.

Through this project, AMAD aims to promote the education of young people, especially youngsters with fewer opportunities due to the socio-economic factor, with an approach focused on digital skills and the development of soft skills, interaction with other young people and more importantly, civic education and active involvement. A website, which will become a Virtual Youth Center, designed, and built by the targeted youngsters is brought as an innovative approach by this project after the trainings and mentorship in design, programming, Microsoft packages, content creator, etc., as well as those for training soft skills, such as: communication, critical thinking, etc.

The empowered group of youngsters in this project will bring a drafting of a project proposal by the youth themselves, on a specific chosen topic by them.

This project will have a duration of 10 months for the realization of the planned activities and will be realized with the support of the National Youth Agency (AKR) and the Minister of State for Youth and Children (MSHRF).