Baseline Evaluation Report

Evaluating the needs of young people in an urban, suburban or rural community requires, first of all, knowledge of the objectives and desires of the target group. Precisely for this reason, this study report implements an adapted research methodology based on specifics oriented by the target group for sampling.

From the analysis of the findings of the primary study, the areas of interest in youth activation were identified, as well as the problems that constitute barriers for these young people. Thus, this study report highlighted that the interest of young people to be active in the community is high. Among the areas of most interest in youth activism were sports, art and literature, while those of least interest were voluntary street cleaning activities in common spaces. Meanwhile, in terms of the barriers faced by young people, which were found to be relatively significant, they led the confrontation with mentality and stereotypes, especially in relation to gender issues.

This report also brought relevant recommendations for intervention opportunities and improvement of the problematic situation, further encouraging the growth of youth capacities, the empowerment of young people and their training with increased potential in employment and socio-financial well-being, as well as social intelligence.


*This evaluation report was compiled by the expert contracted by AMAD as part of the project “Power Zone: Increasing Youth Capacity”, supported by the National Youth Agency (AKR) and the Minister of State for Youth and Children.

Raporti_rritje kapacitetesh_Baseline