Become a volunteer or activist

What to expect

You will meet many young people interested in the youth field. You will exchange information about different cultures and strengthen your network. Everyone has their own vision for the future.

Who can participate?

If you are a young person and your interests are related to volunteering and/or activism; If you want to travel and meet new people from different countries; If you are interested in writing and project management; If your direct mission is to work with young people,

Our Organization is right for you!

Involvement as a volunteer or as an activist is regulated in accordance with the legislation in force. Work as a volunteer is regulated according to the law on volunteering. Involvement as an activist in certain causes in our organization is not paid,you will get experience in implementing projects, meet new people and get to know youth programs at the local, national and international level (Erasmus+ etc. ). You will also have the opportunity to travel around the world and train in informal methods.

How to join us?

There are few steps to become a volunteer/activist with us:

  1. Prepare your CV (Europass format) in Albanian or English;
  2. Write a short letter of motivation why you want to join our team;
  3. Send documents to [email protected].

Or simply fill out the form below:

Become a volunteer or activist

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