International Day of Human Rights 2022 and the 16 Days of Activation of the #NukHeshtim (#Break the Silence) campaign

Today, on International Day of Human Rights, we conclude 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. During this year, 25 November – 10 December 2022, the activism campaign focused on the inclusion through photo-messages of various representatives and stakeholders of our society. Conveying awareness messages against gender-based violence brought the spirit of inclusive activism and empowering of human potential in unfolding our values, in mutual respect, tolerance, understanding and kindness.

The people involved – in the 24 individual photo-messages published online – play an active role also in the community and reach a multitude of intellectual backgrounds from different areas, interests and group-age, such as: journalists, activists, public administration officers, teachers of different levels (from kindergarten ones up to the university professors), lawyers, youth workers, sociologists, students, musicians, politicians and experts in politics, health workers, tourism promotions, health care workers, educational management staff, etc. The messages came from women and girls as well as men and boys, conveying messages against gender-based violence, not just violence against women and girls.

Since the beginning in 2018, one of AMAD’s campaigns has been #NukHeshtim (#BreakTheSilence), which mission is the reaction to countering and eliminating violence, in any kind of environment, form or target group. Strengthening the functioning of the National Violence Referral Mechanism has been the aim of the ongoing and following activities. A related focus of this campaign is gender-based violence.

Browse the photo-message gallery below to read more about the action taken in 16 Days of Activism by AMAD, 2022.