In “Herët në MCN” TV program studio with journalist Etelina Nikolla, the executive director of AMAD, Voltiza Prendi, appeared with the collaborators: Orjola Idrizi, director of the Institute of Students who do not Hear; Pëllumb Legisi, music therapist teacher; students Emanuela Gjini and Algend Gjici.

Within the TV time available they highlighted the benefits of music therapy in the psychomotor and emotional system in everyone. Above all, emphasis was placed on the dedication and continued work of AMAD in terms of contributing to the improvement of mental health. However, as stated in the interview by Mrs. Prendi, in these activities more than the instrument itself is the dedicated customized special method that is used case by case.

Students Emanuela and Algend expressed their psycho-physical and emotions experiences in “touching” beats through vibrations. The beat and its vibrations themselves are instruments that overcome physical barriers and dimensions of conscious perception to reach the unconscious, beyond matter.