Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat reached today an understanding agreement with the Institute of Deaf Students, as the beneficiary category of this innovative project, the first of its kind in Albania.

Music helps people to boost their confidence, encourage learning about emotions and help develop fine motor skills. Many deaf people play musical instruments and participate in musical activities every day. It is a misconception that this community cannot, or does not, participate in and enjoy music in all its forms. In Albania, based on data from INSTAT, there are 39,000 people with different levels of hearing loss from mild to profound deafness, from children with attached ears to those who have lost their hearing at a later stage of life.

Musicians with hearing loss often use the vibration of their instrument, or the surface it is connected to, to help them feel the sound they create, so even though they may not be able to hear they can use the vibration caused by musical sound to help them ‘hear’ music.

The journey we want to take consists of several stages: from education through percussion instruments to performance and enjoying live music in clubs. The musical vibration device is a very efficient and hands-free way to tap into these all-important sound-induced vibrations.

Europe Day 2022, Vienna/ Europatag 2022, Wien

Promoting common Albanian-European values and conveying the rule of law principles was the goal of Albania’s representation by AMAD at Europe Day 2022 in Vienna, Austria.

Representing Albania in activities that promote values and integration in the EU is one of the four pillars of AMAD’s program areas in contributing to the democracy, transparency, the rule of law, solidarity, etc. In addition to many promotional and lobbying activities, with a dedicated stand to the event and equipped with promotional materials, implemented under the title “Europatag 2022” (German: Europe Day 2022), AMAD also managed to hold a meeting at the Albanian Embassy in Vienna, together with the partner organisation Vienna goes Europe. In the meeting with the Ambassador Mr. Roland Bimo, the executive director of AMAD Mrs. Voltiza Prendi presented the need for inter-institutional cooperation with civil society in a common objective in the interest of the communities.

Diversity, infodemic, integration and progress policies, the role of societies and non-governmental organizations were some of the issues discussed at the meeting.

The AMAD Center together with me Vienna goes to Europe continue the activities thanks to the already consolidated partnership.

Reacting on hate speech, improving mental health

Advocacy in the media; technical brief on the impact of hate speech on the mental health of adolescents; interinstitutional discussion table

We rejoice and celebrate together

Activity for children from vulnerable communities who receive services at the “Gonxhe Bojaxhiu” social center, Tirana. 30 children and 17 families benefited from the activity.
An instrumental concert was also given by the high school girls “Bnjaket e harkeve”.
– 17 panettone cakes
– 10 packages of cookies + 4 soft drinks
– concert

Increasing the capacities and knowledge of Civil Society Organizations on programs and projects financed by the European Union

Increasing the competitive abilities of NGOs in the framework of programs financed by the EU.
Increasing the management skills of NGOs within the EU-funded programs.

We Count

Gender representation and involvement in electoral processes, active participation of women and girls in Fier and Dibra districts.

No Silence for Women

Sensitizing video on women’s dignity and equal opportunities, against gender discrimination

Children and the right to juvenile justice

– Donation of books for the school library
– Training with teachers in rural areas, at the 9-year-old school “Haxhi Korra” in the village of Čerkëz of the Administrative Unit Zall Herr.

Ready for school so no one gets left behind

Donor Tommaso Scattolari from “501 strategies for cultural projects” provided breakfast and school supplies for 20 children from families in economic difficulty in Tirana.


20 fun and creative meetings in the library of Administrative Unit No. 6. Bringing together children from different social-economic backgrounds and backgrounds. Promotion of rights, equality, non-discrimination and inclusion.