Youth Tea Talk and European Union Integration

Meeting of AMAD’s youth workers and activists with Tirana Municipal Council member Klodiana Beshku, professor of Political Sciences lecturing Geopolitics and International Relations’ Theories. Discussions focused on youth empowerment, career, discrimination, EU integration and Albania’s path towards EU membership, freedom of movements in the Internal Market and opportunities for youth, national and local strategies for youth employment in Albania, etc.

“Youth Tea Talk and EU” gathered experts of politics, EU studies, youth workers and youth activists in a roundtable of discussions to talk about:
🔹 The empowerment of young people
🔹 Career orientation
🔹 Labor Market in Albania
🔹 National Youth Strategy and the local ones
🔹 Integration of Albania into the EU
🔹 EU policies for youth empowerment
🔹 Trend of internal and external migration (in EU countries) – barriers, the opportunities and challenges.

This activity was carried out as part of “Fuqizona” program in revitalizing the activism and also promoting EU values that stands also in our “Colors of humanity” projects, co-financed by the EU and “Growing youth capacities” supported by the Minister of State for Youth and Children and National Youth Agency in Albania.

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🔛🔜Such activities will take place during the month of May (as the Month of Europe).



Europe Day 2022, Vienna/ Europatag 2022, Wien

Promoting common Albanian-European values and conveying the rule of law principles was the goal of Albania’s representation by AMAD at Europe Day 2022 in Vienna, Austria.

Representing Albania in activities that promote values and integration in the EU is one of the four pillars of AMAD’s program areas in contributing to the democracy, transparency, the rule of law, solidarity, etc. In addition to many promotional and lobbying activities, with a dedicated stand to the event and equipped with promotional materials, implemented under the title “Europatag 2022” (German: Europe Day 2022), AMAD also managed to hold a meeting at the Albanian Embassy in Vienna, together with the partner organisation Vienna goes Europe. In the meeting with the Ambassador Mr. Roland Bimo, the executive director of AMAD Mrs. Voltiza Prendi presented the need for inter-institutional cooperation with civil society in a common objective in the interest of the communities.

Diversity, infodemic, integration and progress policies, the role of societies and non-governmental organizations were some of the issues discussed at the meeting.

The AMAD Center together with me Vienna goes to Europe continue the activities thanks to the already consolidated partnership.