Empowering Future Leaders

This project aims to improve youth welfare and development by enhancing youth’s skills in leadership and getting involved in decision-making processes. Through this project AMAD contributes to increasing youth awareness and information related local governance and EU integration process as well as enhance the critical thinking and leadership skills of young people.

A number of dedicated activities will focus in understanding the functioning of the local administration (duties, structure, and most of all the mechanisms that ensure citizens involvement). The second part of these activities will be specifically related to the EU history and values, and also to the EU integration process, (i.e. what it is? What are the benefits of it? How can we contribute to it?).

By developing strong leadership, teamwork, and communication abilities people can run projects more smoothly, deliver results that please everyone, and even positively influence their personal life by improving how they interact with others. Law no. 75/2019 “On Youth” was approved in November 2019, enabling the integration and coordination of many legal and policy documents previously drafted. According to the article 7 of this Law the municipalities are responsible for organizing and providing activities to support youth welfare and for the creation and development of youth infrastructure. Even though the legal framework is advancing, the factual implementation has a lot of space for improvement.


Empowering Future Leaders will be implemented for 8 months by AMAD as partner in this project of Municipality of Rrogozhina. This action is funded by European Union under the framework of EU4Municipalities, through NALAS.