Feel the beat: The project that enables deaf youngsters to “hear” the music

Music is considered food for the soul. Our happiness hormone gets activated when hearing the beat of music. Living in a world with so many sounds and not being able to be part of music entertainment activities makes it feel discriminated and having less possibilities. These barriers have a mental health impact especially among youngsters. The project “Feel the Beat” brings the approach and activities that enables this group of youngsters with less possibilities to live experience the music activities. Brightening up someone’s day is considered our mission specially in this project. Through this project, we aimed in creating and enabling the integration of deaf youngsters through some dedicated spaces where music is played, so that they can experience the feeling of the music vibrations.

On October 13, 2022, was held the first session of music education and training for the youngsters attending the high school of Institute of Children with Hearing Disability. During this activity boys and girls of this education institution participated in a one-on-one and in group playing music by their own and “hearing” the beat through the vibes of the music by the drum instrument. Happiness was the word that describes the feeling expressed in this youngsters’ eyes.

In the upcoming days five mini concerts will be held in five different bars in Tirana where these youngsters will have the possibility to enjoy the concerts with live music and interact with other youngsters that attend these music activities without any barriers.

This project is supported by National Youth Congress in the framework of Tirana European Capital of Youth 2022. www.tiranaeyc2022.al