AMAD Organization’s Community Meetings in Albania: Building Bridges through Training and Advocacy

In a concerted effort to enhance community engagement and capacity building, the AMAD organization has successfully conducted a series of community meetings across Albania. These meetings have brought together parents, teachers, students, and youth workers in a collaborative effort to address educational and social challenges.

Elbasan: Parents Take the Lead

On November 26, 2023, Elbasan saw the first of these impactful workshops. Seventeen parents, who also serve as City Council members, gathered alongside five dedicated youth workers. This workshop focused on training and advocacy, providing parents with the tools and knowledge to champion educational improvements within their community.

Rrëshen: Engaging the Educational Frontline

Rrëshen hosted two significant workshops on March 5, 2024. The first workshop brought together 14 students and a teacher, while the second engaged 12 students and two teachers. These sessions aimed to foster a better understanding of educational advocacy, encouraging students and teachers to collaborate on addressing local educational needs.

Collaboration with CPD in Rrëshen

On April 9, 2024, AMAD facilitated a workshop in Rrëshen that included nine teachers and four representatives from the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination (CPD). The involvement of CPD added a crucial layer of expertise in addressing issues related to discrimination and inclusivity within the educational sector.

Tirana: Teachers Empowered

Tirana played host to back-to-back workshops on May 28 and 29, 2024. Each day, 14 teachers and three youth workers participated in these sessions. These workshops were designed to provide teachers with advanced training in advocacy, equipping them with the skills necessary to drive educational reforms in their respective schools.

Elbasan: A Grand Finale with Parents and Teachers

The final workshop of the series took place on June 12, 2024, again in Elbasan. This time, a diverse group of 33 parents, 16 teachers, and two school social workers came together, joined by seven youth workers. This comprehensive session emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between parents and teachers in fostering a supportive educational environment.

Strategic Engagement and Broad Outreach

AMAD’s strategy for these workshops was rooted in inclusivity and regional engagement. Through meticulous stakeholder mapping, AMAD identified and reached out to parents, teachers, and students across different regions of Albania. The organization’s efforts were bolstered by a strong partnership with the CPD, which played a crucial role in facilitating these community meetings.

A Powerful Impact

Overall, the series of workshops engaged 101 participants, including 54 parents, 39 teachers, and 8 youth workers. The success of these community meetings underscores AMAD’s commitment to empowering local communities through effective training and advocacy. As AMAD looks to the future, the organization remains dedicated to expanding its reach and impact, continuing to build bridges and foster collaborative efforts across Albania.